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Installation Tips for Aluminum 




You may experience slight differences with your saiga but nothing that cannot easily be rectified.



Tools and supplies needed, available at local hardware store  
  • Thread locker
  • 1/8"   hex key  (allen wrench)
  • 5/32" hex key  (allen wrench)
  • dremel tool or small round file

1)  Check fit trigger guard on your receiver first.

2)  Check  screw hole alignment. The trigger guard is CNC'd and is of the highest quality control.  Most guns will not require any fitting but a  few may require a very small  adjustment  by filing the two holes left in your receiver by the conversion with a small round file or dremel tool.

3)  Check the trigger clearance by reinstalling the trigger w/pin.

  Next if you are using an ace internal receiver block it must be clearanced slightly for the third 10-32 button socket head screw.

    See illustration 1  and  2a

4)  After the TG mounts cleanly to the receiver you can apply final finish.

  ( I have used several gun coat products in the past but have found Brownells baking lacquer excellent for small parts. It is easy to apply and once baked in a kitchen oven it's quite     durable and leaves a dark park look. )

5)  When attaching the TG install the three 10-32 screws loosely,   Then remove each screw one at a time and apply thread locker to each screw. Tighten carefully with finger pressure only, then slide receiver block into place and tighten.

   (The screws can be tight, just be careful not to strip.)

6)  The front screw length can be adjusted with one of the supplied washers to fit flush with the inside of the TG.

With three 10-32 screws the Saigatech TG is rock solid!!




 illustration 1a

The preferred method is to drill the receiver block as per illustration 1a. with a 3/8" drill in a drill press 1/8"deep  . 




illustration 1b

Now remove remaining material with a round file or dremel tool w/bur


Safety Stop Solutions for s12 Aluminum





illustration 2a.

I also have a very clean and easy remedy for a safety stop.

Use the dimensions in illustration 2a. 

The hole is inline with the mag latch pin and 3/16" from bottom of receiver.

Use drill  #43 (.089)  and tap with a 4-40" tap.

  Insert supplied 4-40" socket head cap screw, lightly tighten with tread locker and your done.




Clean simple and quick!