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A Gentleman in England has this to say about me on vepr 12 forum:

"Saigatech do NOT offer a magwell drum for sale, but will cut holes in stick mags. 
They have "ONE" picture of a MD magwell drum with there holes cut in it.
 I'm no brain surgeon but that mag looks so wrong.
 The tower is way to long for it to work 100% You would need a least 4 /5 dummy rounds (so wrong) 
Looks like they just put a nice band around the two parts.
 It's a prop a tease a dummy. 
Please Saigatech post a vid of it working so I can look like a stupid prick.

OK Grima...At  your request...Here's my "prop a tease a dummy"


This is a converted suomi 9mm and PPSH-41 of the many drums I have built


Custom saiga rifle and shotgun conversions and parts. 


Saiga K ver 030-1    430mm barrel and SVDS buttstock   shown above

See our complete saiga ver 030 products and services in the products tab above



Saiga K ver 030-1  with Modified MD Arms 20rd Magwell Drum With LRBHO
Built in 2011 and it runs perfectly


Saigatechusa Modified AGP Magwell Magazine With LRBHO


Magazine window mods available Now

Allows for easy round counts

$20.00 for first mag and $15.00 for each additional magazine.
Email us for details.  2 day turnaround.

Billet aluminum AGP magazine floor plates

Shipping Now!!












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